Here’s a disclaimer.

0. When you’re skiing, don’t be stupid.

1. By purchasing a lift ticket, you are making a statement that you will take full responsibility for any injury that occurs when you ski at the resort. Put in layman’s terms: you can’t get angry at the managers of the ski resort when you run into a tree.

2. This guide is meant to broaden skiers’ knowledge of the Crystal Mountain ski resort. It is not intended to be a full-on backcountry guide, just a collection of run ideas and suggestions so the reader may access better quality runs and snow. Some unmarked obstacles may exist, and some runs may not fit the description exactly depending on snow cover.  Just trust your instincts. Unless you’re stupid.

3. It is your responsibility to stay away from dangerous obstacles such as trees, rocks, cliffs, and bare patches. Always obey signage on the mountain, even if the result is a disappointing run. If you don’t obey these signs you will most likely have your pass pulled.

For more information, go to the Safety section of the Crystal Mountain website: http://crystalmountainresort.com/safety

Ski Patrol Emergency Number: 360-663-3064