Snorting Elk

The Snorting Elk area lies on the north side of Grubstake point, sandwiched between Green Valley and Northway.  This region of the mountain contains numerous tree runs as well as a classic alpine bowl, with plenty of hidden stashes to explore.

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Base Area

The base area of Crystal Mountain is a relatively unexciting area – most of the runs mentioned here are ones we would only ski if we happened to be in the area. However, there are some hidden gems, great groomers, and good areas to learn on.

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Dealing With Low Coverage

Last year (2014-2015) in particular was a pathetic ski season due to the criminally low amount of snow.  Navigating the slopes of Crystal was frequently a challenge, as one would constantly encounter bare patches or trees that should have been covered.

Due to our frequent skiing in such extremely subpar conditions, we’ve developed an effective working knowledge of where exactly to go when there’s not enough snow.

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