I love skiing, and have been fortunate to have Crystal Mountain as my home base for it since the first grade. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to learn the names of all of the runs and ski every part of the mountain. I tried to ski every run on the trail map and eventually succeeded, but when I discovered that there were runs that were off the map that only the locals knew about, my interest was once again piqued. At this point, the true joy of exploration while skiing became apparent to me. So I started learning the names of every feature and run on the mountain.

In 5th grade, with two of my ski buddies (Hayden and Grady), I made a guidebook to Crystal Mountain. Our knowledge of the mountain combined with Grady’s map-drawing skills made the book pretty impressive, especially for 5th graders. Our next move was to become rich by turning what we had produced into a website, book, and iPhone app. Unfortunately, our web development and publishing skills were not quite where they needed to be to pull this off. So our notebook full of run descriptions ended up sitting in my closet for years, never being of any use to anyone.

Eventually, we realized that the best use of our vast knowledge of Crystal Mountain would not be creating a lucrative web of products that would make us rich, but rather sharing our knowledge in a guide/blog format.

This blog will have two different kinds of posts:

Guide Posts: These will highlight specific runs or areas of the mountain. These posts are meant to broaden your knowledge of the Crystal Mountain ski resort. Guide Posts are written by all three of us. See our disclaimer for more information on the purpose of the guide.

Blog Posts: More general posts about skiing at Crystal Mountain. These could be anything from having fun at Crystal on a bad snow year, strategies for powder days, to why Crystal is better than Snoqualmie Pass, to funny things that have happened to us while skiing at Crystal. Blog Posts are written by a specific person, so styles of writing and opinions may differ based on the author.

We hope that you find the contents of this blog useful.

-Xander, Hayden, and Grady

P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hit the whip

    Hello. @grady I can really tell when you are writing (definetly the sarcasm) idk if u guys want that. @xander&Hayden you guys say things about other runs some people might not know about. Lol I didn’t know about some of them. So yeah. But this is actually pretty cool

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