Base Area

The base area of Crystal Mountain is a relatively unexciting area – most of the runs mentioned here are ones we would only ski if we happened to be in the area. However, there are some hidden gems, great groomers, and good areas to learn on.

On Map:

Meadow | Quality: 1/10 | The only ‘bunny hill’ at Crystal Mountain, Meadow has little to offer other than a flat pitch and lots of beginner skiers.

Considerations: Beginner, Groomed, Crowded, Accesses Discovery, Slow Zone.

Quicksilver | Quality: 3/10 | An old race hill at Crystal, Quicksilver has since been flattened out and integrated into the beginner terrain. When there are no crowds, this run is great to go fast on.

Considerations: Beginner, Groomed, Crowded, Accesses Discovery, Forest Queen Express, and Quicksilver, Slow Zone.

Boondoggle (Lower) | Quality: 5/10 | Due to the separation of Boondoggle into upper and lower sections by the new Quicksilver chair, the lower part is really an unfortunate relic of a previously great run. Because the Quicksilver chair is now so close to the traverse out, this run no longer feels like an adventure, more like a bad run at Snoqualmie.

Considerations: Advanced, Traverse Required, Accesses Quicksilver.

Boondoggle (Upper) | Quality: 7/10 | The upper part of Boondoggle is no longer accessible from the Quicksilver chair, instead you must use TLC (see Forest Queen) or the traverse out from Silver Basin. Because of this, it can often be untracked for the short portion before it joins the main run. This is a good run, but once again it has been partially ruined by the new Quicksilver chair.

Considerations: Advanced, Powder, Traverse Required, Accesses Quicksilver.

Gold Hills | Quality: 5/10 | Gold Hills is the primary racing hill at Crystal. It’s a nice rolling groomer, but is a pain to access and often rutted up from ski racers. 

Considerations: Intermediate, Groomed, Race Area, Accesses Gold Hills, Quicksilver, Discovery, and Chinook.

Off Map:

Fardoggle | Quality: 7/10 | From the entrance to Upper Boondoggle, keep traversing past the boundary signs – you will find a well traveled traverse that takes you to an open glade with lots of small natural features. If you know how to make the most out of this run, it can be worth the difficult access. A logical traverse out will take you back to Boondoggle.

Considerations: Expert, Traverse Required, Powder, Glades, Accesses Quicksilver.

Middoggle | Quality: 5/10 | A fun slot in the trees in between Boondoggle and Fardoggle. This run is very narrow, and not particularly high quality, but in terms of exploration, it’s a cool find. Start on the same traverse as Fardoggle, then drop in where you see a path through the trees. You will come out on the traverse out from Fardoggle.

Considerations: Expert, Narrow, Powder, Accesses Quicksilver.






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